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Company Background

Sheraz Co. first started as a food trading company in 1992. At the time, Iraq was put on a strict sanction and caused a lack of food supply throughout the country. The main purpose of the company was to import large amounts of variety food products from Mersin-Turkey into the country and played a high role on overcoming the shortage of provisions. In 1996, as business and economy developed, Sheraz Co. Opened its first official office in Mersin. With the help of our Office in Turkey, Shiraz Co. was able to handle and control most of the logistics and transportation between Turkey and north Iraq. After a track-recording success, Sheraz Co. became a registered Company in Turkey in 2003.

What We Do

Now, Sheraz Company has extended its logistic network globally, working with shipping lines in China, Europe, U.S, UAE, Kuwait, and with trucking companies, in Mersin, Syria, Lebanon, and Kuwait. We provide extended logistics including, Sea Freight, Air Freight, and Land Freight to most locations in Iraq. We have two clearing agents in every entry in Iraq. With our capacity and expertise allowed us to adopt and expand into new lines of business and face the competitive demands of the market. With a strong minded focus on customer service, we have achieved long-term relationship the majority of our clients based on mutual interest and trust.

Vision statement

To be the most trustworthy, customer-centric, and successful Trade & Transportation company in the region.

Mission statement

As, Sheraz Company, our goal is to accomplish long-term relationships with our customers by providing the best-quality service on time as we deliver and transport in the most efficient way possible.

Values & Growth strategy

Our approach to achieve our goals is by adding value to our customers and the stakeholder and to meet their expectations every day.  At Sheraz Company we value long-term relationship, Integrity, Trust, Honesty and we have passion for what we do. Not to forget, we are committed to the safety of the general public and the drivers, and as well as the environment we work in.

We plan to have our own wholly owned trucking company by 2020 and increase our product portfolio by 2016. This will allow is to compete even better in the market more efficiently and economically.


We provide

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    Delivery 24/7

    Responds 24/7, 365 days a year, Can handle multiple requests at once, spends working on your request, Delivery 24/7

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    Road Survey

    Our road survey with Project Cargo will allow for security guards and police escorts when necessary or requested

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    Engineering services

    As all Project are different, they need different containers to fit int. Our detail staff of engineers are up to solving that problem efficiency

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    High-quality and safety

    We ensure the safest transportation of any type of Project Cargo, to anywhere in the world, during anytime of year